Creators / performers: Clara Cortés Soler and Martina Gunkel

Music: Julian Vogel

Credits: Pia Meuthen

Collaboration: Fremdkörper





Cia. Efecto R


We are Clara Cortés Soler and Martina Gunkel; two artists which are coming from different backgrounds, from circus and dance.  

Our collaboration started out of an interest in the other one’s discipline and the strong believe in interdisciplinary work. We enlarge ourselves and each other. We give room for something new to emerge, by opening up to the unknown.

We step out of our own discipline, our comfort zone, and surrender in the unknown world of the other one.


In January 2017 we started working together for Fremdkörper, an interdisciplinary project organized by the Fontys Art University (Tilburg, The Netherlands).

Through this first collaboration we found each other in the way of working and we started sharing and developing our artistic view. From there on we decided to go one step further and create our own first performance ‘It is there. Around the corner.’

The performance


Two women in relation to a specific, limited and constructed space.

A limitation of the space created by a tridimensional structure that reproduces the form of a tent; the skeleton of it. As it has no walls it is like a house without roof. A contradiction.


A new relation between their bodies arises; in contact and contrast with the contradiction and the hardness of the metal structure.


Being; waiting; pulling; bumping; holding:

The three of us being together or not.

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